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Account Setup

Account keys

The first step to start building with Singularity is to contact us and get your developer keys. If you haven't already, reach out to us via email at [email protected] or via the methods listed on our website.
We will register you as a client and share keys that you will need to use our SDKs and APIs. Please note, the keys are different for Sandbox and Production environments.


Alongside your client specific keys, we also whitelist your domains and/or app package names so that our services are accessed only via trusted sources. This is important to protect your users from cross-scripting or other phishing attacks which could compromise their wallet keys or payment methods.
Also, we require you to share the public address where any payments to your app need to be delivered.


As part of your account setup, you will also need to configure the features you want to enable in your Singularity integration. These configs are setup by us while onboarding you. Changes in configurations go live immediately to your users and are completely server side controllable. These configurations include:
  • Wallet config: The chain(s) on which you want users to create new accounts. This will also be the chain on which your app's assets would be deposited.
  • Sign-in config: The types of sign-in methods you want to support on your app (e.g. Google oAuth, Facebook oAuth, Telegram oAuth, etc.). Contact us if you want to enable your own custom sign-in method.
  • UI config: The primary colors, secondary colors, logo, brand names, and other personalization options that we offer to help personalize the Singularity Drawer to your brand.
  • Payments config: Add your wallet address(s) where you want to received crypto payments, setup Fiat on-ramps, configure the crypto currencies you want to accept payments in